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Simple, Effective VAT Registrations. Worldwide.

Our team efficiently handles complex VAT registration processes across multiple jurisdictions, relieving you of administrative burdens and foreign language correspondence, ensuring robust and cost-effective management from start to finish.


Streamlined Global VAT Registration Services

Our team will assess and manage all VAT registration requirements including:

Assessing the need to register and any potential alternatives.

Fiscal representation.

Coordinating the entire process including document preparation.

Applying for import VAT deferment schemes.

Detailed timelines of the expected turnaround time in each country.

Arranging for bank guarantees/security deposits.

Obtaining an EORI number, where relevant.


Why Do You Need to Register for VAT Purposes?

VAT registration triggers in Europe can vary slightly from country to country, as each European Union (EU) member state has its own specific VAT rules and thresholds. However, there are some common triggers that generally apply across most EU countries. Here are some examples.

Turnover Threshold

Each country sets a specific threshold for annual turnover, beyond which a business must register for VAT. This threshold can vary between countries and may also depend on the nature of the goods or services provided. For example, in Germany, the threshold is several times lower compared to the UK.

Distance Selling Threshold

For businesses involved in distance selling (selling goods to private individuals in another EU member state), there is often a separate threshold. Once this threshold is exceeded, the business is required to obtain a VAT number in the customer’s country. The distance selling thresholds vary among EU member states and are generally lower than the domestic turnover thresholds.

Acquisitions from EU Countries

If a business acquires goods from another EU country above a certain value, it may trigger the need for VAT registration in its own country. This is typically referred to as the “acquisition threshold.” The threshold varies between EU member states and is usually lower than the domestic turnover threshold.

Reverse Charge Mechanism

In some cases, a business may be required to apply for a VAT number if it purchases goods or services from another EU country where the supplier does not charge VAT. The business must account for VAT using the reverse charge mechanism and may need to register accordingly.

Voluntary Registration

Even if a business does not meet the mandatory registration thresholds, it can still choose to register for VAT voluntarily. This can have advantages, such as enabling the recovery of input VAT on business expenses.

Benefits of Timely VAT Registration

Avoid the fines, penalties, and legal repercussions that non-compliance might cause.

Maintain a positive brand image and convey reliability to clients and investors.

Avoid costly and time-consuming tax authorities’ inquiries.


Simplifying VAT Registration for Businesses

Our dedicated Registrations Team brings a wealth of experience obtaining VAT numbers globally. We understand the complexities of getting VAT registered globally and that is why we take the bureaucracy out of the red tape heavy process for the benefit of businesses.

Trusted Experts in VAT Registration

Benefit from our unmatched expertise, efficient processes, and personalized support. Experience peace of mind knowing that your VAT registration is in the hands of the best in the industry. Partner with us and embark on a successful VAT registration journey today.

Technology-Centered, Expert-Led VAT Solutions for Businesses.

Experience the VAT IT Compliance advantage today.

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