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VAT Reclaim

Helping Your Business Reclaim VAT, Time, and Resources

One Centralized Solution for All Your VAT Reclaim Needs – Unlock Your Business’s Growth Potential While We Handle the Rest

The most efficient way to recover foreign and domestic VAT

In a complex world of indirect tax, simplify yours by leaning on over two decades of cross-border expertise and industry-leading technology to maximize your international and local VAT refunds without risk of errors or compliance snags. Our team of 800+ global tax specialists is dedicated to understanding your business processes and maximizing your savings.

Whether your business is looking to maximise your input VAT returns, save on your international vendor invoices, or simply increase your ROI on tradeshows and events, VAT IT has the perfect solution for you.


VAT IT: A Trusted, World-Leading VAT Recovery Service Provider

VAT IT is at the centre of a massive and complex industry and has earned a reputation as the trusted, world-leading service provider in VAT recovery.

VAT IT focuses on local and international VAT recovery, along with a host of other solutions. We offer our clients an end-to-end outsourced service that guarantees added value to a company’s bottom line.

Our Partners

With a focus on collaboration and connection, we have built close relationships with all international VAT authorities, affiliate VAT associations and formed an ongoing, powerful ecosystem of prestigious partnerships that is constantly growing. We’ve partnered with leading expense management systems, credit card providers, banks and corporate travel platforms to make your life easier and enrich your expense management ecosystem with the greatest tools and services.

Our Service

Behind every successful VAT refund lies a dedicated team of energetic, passionate and innovative problem solvers. Devoted to understanding your nuanced business requirements, our teams act as an extension of your finance team and seek to unlock your full refund potential. While we continue to build technology solutions that help simplify the recovery process, it’s our people behind the technology that makes us so proud to be who we are.

General business

From consultancies to service providers, we partner with numerous companies with their own specialities and core focuses. Our partners acknowledge the importance of VAT recovery and work with us to bring value to mutual clients.

Expense technology

Our software connects with expense technology platforms to extract data and scanned invoices for automated VAT recovery.


Our Technology

Tech enablement means precision and accuracy, and ultimately optimal returns for your business. With innovation at the heart of everything we do, we constantly improve existing software and build new applications. Our technology solution offers an effortless interface where you can upload documents, track pending claims, view and export data in multiple formats and customize user profiles from a single dashboard.

Tech When It Counts. Human Where It Matters.

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Technology-Centered, Expert-Led VAT Solutions for Businesses.

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