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Vat consultancy

International VAT consultancy services

Specific and actionable VAT consulting enabling your business to be, and remain, VAT compliant


VAT Rules and Regulations Never Stop Changing

Let us help you cover all basis of potential VAT complexities

VAT registration requirement assessment

Knowing whether to register for VAT is complex - VAT rules and regulations change rapidly. Our VAT consultants will work with your business to understand your activities and provide a comprehensive assessment of the need to VAT register. If a VAT number is not necessary, our experts will explain why and what could change this, so you know when to act.

Resolution of historical VAT issues

Historical or retrospective VAT issues can lead to a lot of problems - VAT penalties and interest being only the tip of the iceberg. Correcting VAT errors, assessing when to file the first VAT return, making sure relevant VAT disclosures are correct are all things, amongst others, our expert VAT consultancy team can provide support with.

Country VAT rules assessment and application

No two countries are alike in terms of VAT rules, regulations and their impact on business transactions. This is where the true expertise of VAT IT Compliance’s Consultancy offering enables us to help you avoid different VAT pitfalls. Our knowledge of VAT legislation can really make an immediate impact and provide long-term benefits to your business.

VAT treatment of transactions assessment

As part of our VAT consultancy we support businesses with establishing application of Value Added Tax for their transactions. This is one core VAT area that companies need to get right from the start. If you have any doubts about correct treatment of transactions contact us today.

VAT inspection and VAT audit support

Managing the process and relationship with VAT authorities throughout the duration of a tax office VAT review in a manner that complies with specific VAT administration's procedure is critical. This is why VAT IT Compliance has local, in-country experts, who understand the nuances of local procedures and processes specific to VAT inspections and support businesses in complying with these.

VAT risk and opportunity assessment

One of the most overlooked areas by businesses is actively monitoring VAT risks and looking for VAT optimisation opportunities. VAT IT Compliance’s VAT Health Check delivers actionable advice on VAT risks and opportunities that can help your business save money, time and protect it from VAT non-compliance consequences.

VAT technology use assessment

Technology for VAT has come a long way - VAT determination, VAT reporting and even e-invoicing. The use of VAT technology provides countless benefits, but their effectiveness relies heavily on their configuration. VAT IT Consultants have the necessary skills and knowledge to review the information, rules and logic that feed any VAT technology solution to improve its effectiveness and reduce risks of using incorrectly configured VAT tools.

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Our VAT Consultancy Services

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Our network of offices and partners enables us to deal with your VAT consulting needs on a local or global level, as needed

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With over 20+ years of International VAT Consulting experience we have the necessary skill, know-how and connections to support your business wherever you need it

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