Nordics ViDA digital reporting & e-invoicing pilot

5 tax agencies test the EU ViDA Digital Reporting Requirements transaction data technical challenges

Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden tax authorities are completing a pilot technical trial of exchanging VAT invoice data based on the EU ViDA Digital Reporting Requirements proposal. IT is known as Nordic Smart Government and Business (‘NSG&B’) coalition, including various businesses and e-invoicing companies.

The aim was to understand and test technical challenges under the European Commission’s ViDA proposal. This includes:

  • Submitting and receiving structured e-invoices based on EN 16931 invoices.
  • This is based on UBL 2.1 data format, with Peppol 5-corner exchange.
  • Managing ViDA messaging, including reconciliation between e-invoice and messaging.
  • Incorporating use of certified e-invoicing providers

The aim is to understand technical challenges of cross-border transaction reporting. This was intended to go live in 2028, but now likely to only launch in 2030 or later. This includes a PEPPOL-based Continuous Transaction Control model.

The pilot is being closely followed by other countries who are keen to patriciate in the future. This includes: the Netherlands; Germany; Belgium; and the UK.