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E-Invoicing & E-VAT Reporting Platform

A robust, user-friendly cloud solution for electronic invoicing as well as electronic VAT reporting for clients


B2B & B2G E-Invoicing

Many countries have already introduced obligatory e-invoicing. EEZI will ensure a seamless service for our clients with our in-house developed software and extensive compliance expertise.

Our solution is certified by Peppol and provides an access point to their e-invoicing and electronic document exchange network.

The e-invoicing platform enables transmission of electronic invoices in line with local, country-specific requirements.

EEZI supports various e-invoicing formats, such as xml, json and other.

Our platform complies with document storage requirements regulated by tax authorities.


Complete E-invoicing Solution

Invoice Creation

Once the invoice has been created, invoice data will be ingested into the e-Invoicing system. Our software is ERP agnostic to receiving data. Invoice data will be modified into a standardized format that complies with the tax authorities

Invoice Transmission

This can be done through various mandated methods, which can include electronic data interchange (EDI), application programming interfaces (APIs), email or web portals, dependent on the territory. EEZI will also electronically retrieve invoices sent from suppliers.

Invoice Validation

Before sending the invoice, the e-Invoicing system will perform logic checks on the invoice data to validate accuracy of format and completeness. EEZI will ensure compliance with tax regulations to ensure successful transmission. Where required, invoice data will be sent to tax authorities for pre-clearance validation.

Digital Signatures

To ensure the authenticity and integrity of invoices, digital signatures or other secure authentication methods may be used. This helps verify that the invoice has not been tampered with during transmission.


The e-Invoicing system securely stores electronic invoices in compliance with legal requirements. This enables easy access to invoices for future reference or audits.


We Are Experts in E-Invoicing, Electronic VAT Reporting, and Compliance.

Our robust technical knowledge and tax office relations globally have allowed us to create a user-friendly cloud solution for electronic invoicing as well as electronic VAT reporting for clients.

E-invoicing & E-VAT Reporting Platform​

e-invoicing solutions and data integration

e-reporting for VAT

zero hassles due to our in-house developed solutions

integration agnostic with any ERP of our clients

E-Invoicing Compliance Is Transitioning from Optional to Mandatory Across the Globe

Our platform and services support companies with their e-invoicing journey. Whether early or mandatory adoption, we provide the tools and know-how to help companies succeed in transition to e-invoicing compliance.

Technology-Centered, Expert-Led VAT Solutions for Businesses.

Experience the VAT IT Compliance advantage today.

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